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Shipping & Returns

Coughlin's will not honor returns on lots more than 30 days after shipping, or for reasons of faults clearly described in lot descriptions, or illustrated lots for reasons of centering or obvious faults in the illustration, such as missing perfs or other obvious characteristics or faults.

We try to describe lots with great care and accuracy, but like all people we occasionally do make mistakes. Mistakes are taken back with humble apologies, and we will refund all postage costs to you according to the following terms: (On items under $200.00 send regular mail, for items $200-$1,000 return by Certified mail and for items over $1000.00 return by Registered mail).

We will not pay for return receipt charges, insurance on the return, or for charges incurred for shipment other than proscribed above. Buyer assumes responsibility until lots received by us.

We will ship as soon as full payment has cleared our bank. In the case of PAY PAL payments, items usually we ship the same day (Monday thru Friday). Credit Card payments are accepted thru PayPal and are immediately deposited into our account (This is the only way we can accept credit cards.). Checks can take a week or more. For customers with whom we have good long standing relationship, we usually ship the same or next day (depending on time of order.) We do post on Saturday, but the US Postal Service does not always get your shipment actually moving until Monday.

Multiple item orders will be packaged and shipped in one shipment if received in time to do so, unless otherwise requested by the buyer. (Please note: we usually process your order by noon CST daily, unless we are out of town or at the hospital). We always use a stiffener in our packaging on all non- boxed items we ship to help insure arrival in the same condition it was in when shipped to you. We however, are not responsible for damages caused by shipping companies or the USPS.

Postage will be charged on all orders. Orders will be sent via (USPS) U.S. Postal Service- First Class Mail or (at your request) via Certified, Registered or Express Mail, or by other means at your expressed request and your expense.

Insurance is optional to buyers, at their expense. Be specific in the remarks about this please.

Any taxes charged at point of delivery, that are NOT on your invoice from us, are the buyers responsibility. We only invoice Sales taxes due on sales in the state where we are physically located as per U. S. Supreme Court Ruling.

ALL first time orders from overseas buyers UNKNOWN TO US and ordering more than $75.00, will have to be shipped to via Registered Mail. OR if you decline Registered MAIL YOU CAN USE a Secured shipping source of your choice. IN EITHER OF THESE events you assume total liability for delivery once we have shipped. Once you have established a satisfactory business relationship with us, we can send via regular airmail to you at your request (you accept all responsibility once your material is delivered to the Postal Service). This can be a substantial shipping cost savings to you.

When you elect to pay thru PayPal, Our MINIMUM mailing charges are $.49 for domestic shipments. is now our minimum charge for automated shipping and handling thru PayPal. Above that figure we only charge the actual postage (or shipping charge) incurred by us to get your order to you.

To Save you some shipping charges on small orders, you may elect to click the pay by check option. Check on the check box in the payment part of the shopping cart. When your order arrives here, I will prepare an invoice, with the actual postage due on the order, and email you that invoice with the correct amount to pay including the actual postage due. (I will send you a duplicate # invoice thru PayPal which you can, upon receipt, then just click the links and pay thru PayPal, IF YOU WRITE: PAY BY PAYPAL in the remarks box.). OR: you can actually pay us by check. The down side of a check payment is you will incur about a delay while your check arrives here, and then until it clears our bank before we ship you your lot.

There have been times when we have input a wrong weight on an item. If this causes a postage charge over $1.95, (Example: shipping charge in shopping cart is $7.00 and the actual postage is $3.25, we will immediately on shipping (on PAY PAL paid orders only) issue you a refund via PAY PAL of the difference. On all others, we may elect to refund you via MINT US Postage or a check.

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