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To make this section easier to navigate and find stamps w/o collectable (in their own sake) cancels we have laid it out as follows.

Stamps: has mint stamps and non descript cancels on the used stamps. Occasionally a stamp with really great centering and condition that is listed in our Cancel sections will be linked to the stamp section also.

Cancels: lists different fancy cancels and killers etc. by M&H numbers as they are used in the current listings. This may be found at Fred Gregory's fantastic web site at http://www.hawaiianstamps.com.

Town Postmarks: We list each Island, then each town with a post office. Town Cancels (Post Marks) are listed by the current M&H numbers (as listed at http://www.hawaiianstamps.com ) for type identification and Rarity Factors. (Rarity 10 most common and 1RRRR (one copy known) being the spread on this.

If you really want to view all we have in each subcatagory for a particular stamp, we suggest you enter the Scott number of that stamp in our search box, located at the Lower part of the left frame on your screen. One last note: Condition of material and rarity are what determines price on Hawaiian material, indeed as in all collecting venues in the world.

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