Postal Savings Stamps on Document

We were able to locate a few of these items that are in much nicer condition than most.

A note or two on the Philippine Postal Savings Program.
The Philippine Postal Savings program was initiated in 1907 and had its first stamps in use that year. The US thought the program was a great idea and followed the lead of the Philippines in January 1911.

By 1927 it was a going thing, but the bookeeping was getting harder. It was decieded to make the next issue with 3 stamps Se-Tenent. From left to right they read A, B, C in a circle near the center of a design that is identical except for these different letters.

The A stamps were given as a reciept to the depositor, glued into his account book, and canceled at the PO where he was saving at that day. His account number was stamped at the top of each page in the book, sort of like a passport.
If he moved, he took the book with him as the PO could verify his account with the main office in Manila. THESE pages are at least 25 times scarcer then the B sections.

The B stamps were attached to the front of a 2 part form, canceled by the post office where the transaction was taking place and sent to Manila by the postmaster. Of the three forms, these are the most common. It should be noted that all of these forms are scarce today. It is neigh impossible to find one that is really crisp and clean, Most have some smudging, ageing or dinged edges. The first item below is really an excellent copy, condition wise. These forms are worth x10 or more the price of the stamps on them.

The C section was placed on the 2nd part of the reporting form, data being identical to the that on the B Section.
This was kept at the Post office where the transaction took place. The stamps were canceled there as well. These
3 stamps all have the same serial number. Thus a quick 3 check system to verify the accounts for deposits. The C sections are also very scarce again on a factor of x25 the value of the stamps.

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Philippines: Postal Savings Receipt, Part B (sent to Manila to be recorded). 60 Pesos saved. A W2010 (10P0 and a W2012 (50P). From Tanauan, Bulacan FVF+ for this. $95.00
Item 86X021
Philippines: A page from a Depositors Book, Postal Savings Bank. W-2009 (2) And a W-2010 for 30P Deposit. 25x or more scarcer than the B sections. The A sections held by the depositors. FVF $150.00
Item 86X022
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